DeeDee Catpiss & The Fuzz Coffins

DeeDee Catpiss & The Fuzz Coffins is a rock n’ roll group from Hattiesburg, MS. Listen to a few tracks and you’ll understand why all their songs were written with the phrase “Dumb and Tough” in mind. The band creates super tight, ironed-out songs with a tough guy appeal while somehow not taking themselves too seriously. Songs like “Yard Demon” and “Are you a cop?” will have you simultaneously chuckling and bobbing your head. “Landlord” will be stuck in your head for days. Suffice to say, a DeeDee Catpiss show is an extremely good time, and you should go see them on tour this Spring.

4/20– Bloomington, IN

4/21- Cincinnati, OH

4/22- Chicago, IL

4/23- Springfield, IL

4/24- Kansas City, MO

4/25- Oklahoma City, OK

4/26- Denton, TX

4/27- Houston, TX

4/28- New Orleans, LA

4/29- Hattiesburg, MS



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